Courses Designed for Businesses and Employees

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Situations- This course is designed to give the average person the mind set of identifying and escaping any active shooting that occurs in their vicinity be it either at work or out and about. In today’s world, we read in the newspapers or see on the evening news almost weekly where someone went on a rampage and numerous people were needlessly injured or killed. This course is designed in assisting the student in developing a simple action plan that is safe, simple and effective. This course is designed to prepare you to react and survive.

Active Shooter Response in the Work Place- This course is designed to help train businesses in understanding what an active shooter is and the history of mass shootings in the U.S. This course also identifies the types of shooters and why they take the actions they do. It helps the employee understand the role of the initial responding Police Officers and what to do in the event of an active shooter incident occurs in their work place. This course also assists in developing policies and procedures as well as assisting in the implementation of scenario based training. This is a hard hitting and factual course that addresses the need of employers to do what they can do to ensure the safety of their work force and customers.

Courses Designed for the Community

Drugs and their effects- This course is designed for the young student entering the middle school grades from elementary school. This no holds bar, in your face presentation identifies the commonly abused drugs in today’s society and the consequences of abusing them. The student will see the results of drug abuse on the body as well as the final results of a life abusing drugs. A must see presentation for any student who believes recreational drug use is cool or something they are considering. The material in this presentation is blunt, brutal and shocking. Parental Discretion is Advised.

Sex Crimes- This course is designed both for the person who has not been a victim of sexual assault and wants to learn what a sexual crime is, as well as what a perpetrator looks for. The course addresses how to prevent sexual battery and how to deal with it if victimized. This course outlines if you become a victim of sexual assault, why it is not the fault of anyone but the perpetrator. This course was developed as a way of assisting those who become victims in understanding what to do and why it is important to report it, as well as those who have become victims of violent sex crimes in overcoming their trauma and learning to live again with dignity and pride.

Domestic and Dating Violence- This course was designed for those who are victims of domestic violence or dating violence or someone who knows a friend or family member who is the victim of abuse at the hand of someone they love. The course gives information as to how to deal with domestic violence in your own home as well as what to do if you suspect violence in a friend or family member’s home. It provides tips on how to report it and follow through with a successful prosecution if needed. The course will explain why an abuser abuses and how to break the cycle of violence. It covers what the effects are on the children of domestic violence and why it is important to break the cycle of violence before the children develop the same destructive habits. The course also explains why the victim continues to return to the abuser as well as why the abused makes excuses for the abuser. Understanding the cycle of violence and identifying it is the first step in stopping it.

Basic Unarmed Self-Defense- This course was developed for those who are fearful of becoming a victim of a robbery or assault. The student will learn what the State of Florida says about self-defense and the use of force. The course is designed to give assistance in the students development of a “Not Today” mind set. The student will learn what simple everyday items they carry on or about their person can be used as effective weapons of opportunity and what to do if they are attacked. There are no fancy moves taught here. No one is a Kung Fu expert unless they train every day. Most of us do not and this course was designed for the person who does not have the skills of a Karate Expert. Understanding where to strike and how to strike coupled with situational awareness is the key to avoiding and surviving an attack. Lots of graphic talk and brutal options taught with the mind set of “I will Survive”.

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