Courses Offered-

Self-Defense- A basic course designed to assist the student in “thinking outside the box” in situations where the student finds themselves a victim of violent crime. Topics taught are awareness, mindset, weapons of opportunity, fighting and escaping.

Concealed Weapons Courses- This course provides basic information on the use of force in self-defense cases, what the state of Florida says pertaining to self-defense, using force and the safe handling of firearms. There is an overview of Florida’s Castle Doctrine (also known as the Florida Stand Your Ground law) and range time. Once completed, the student will have the needed training to meet the requirements for obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit.

Firearms Cleaning and Maintenance- This course goes over the proper procedure to disassemble, clean, oil, and reassemble your personal firearms.

Basic Firearms Course- Learn the basic fundamentals of shooting firearms and apply them on the range to increase accuracy and skills.

Advanced Firearms Tactics- Coming Soon

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